Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

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We provide a kitchen fitting service including small kitchen remodelling ideas to help those with smaller kitchens find a way to make their kitchen fully functional and operational without the heavy cost’s of building extensions or knocking down walls.

Small Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

Just Because You Have A Small Kitchen, It Doesn’t Mean It Cant Be Flexible, Manageable and Amazing Looking at The Same Time, We Have A Number Of Solutions To Help You.

Having a small kitchen can often leave you feeling that you don’t have enough storage space or actual work space, this is usually due to the existing layout of your current kitchen.

Many people think the solution to this problem is to simply install a bigger kitchen, that being said installing a bigger kitchen is not always possible without resorting to things like extensions or knocking through to an adjoining room, This obviously becomes very costly, very quickly.

An alternative solution would be to remodel your existing kitchen, With advice from us as professional’s who have years of experience on how to get the most out of the space you have, There is no reason why your current space couldn’t become your dream kitchen.

Here are some ideas on how you could remodel your small kitchen without leaving you feeling claustrophobic

The Brighter The Better, dark colours always tend to draw a room in making it appear smaller, Lighter colours open a room up and instantly make it appear bigger and more welcoming.

How Can I Get The Most Of Of My Small kitchen – 10 Simple solutions

  1. Using Drawers Instead Of Doors will give you maximum usage in your available space.
  2. An Under-Mount Sink With a Flat Draining Area that can also be used as a second worktop surface.
  3. Made To Measure Tall Housing, Don’t waste valuable unused space that you could be using for storage.
  4. Add multiple Racks To The Inside Of Your Cupboard  Doors to maximise storage, These can be used to hols herbs, spices, condiments etc.
  5. Make Use Of Unused Void Corners by adding turn style rotating corner racks.
  6. Stylish Utensil Hangers Or Jars where you can save space in your cupboards and drawers by hanging crockery and utensils on the wall or inside a jar.
  7. Adding Extra Shelves Inside Your Cupboards can maximise space for tinned foods and jars.
  8. Magnetic Knife Hangers where you can hang all your chef knives on the wall under your cooker hood.
  9. Wall Hanging Corner Units can be an nice addition on the end of your wall units for storing daily essentials.
  10. Storage Containers and Storage Jars can help reduce the need to keep on to bulky items like cereal boxes, washing powders etc.

The Key To Designing a Small Kitchen Is Creativity:

Using the layout to your advantage is the key factor, transforming the room with bold cabinetry or accents with sleek lighting solutions, Opting for a brighter colour for your kitchen will not only compliment the room by making it appear bigger, it also makes your kitchen more timeless.

Choosing white or light grey contemporary colours is much more likely to stay on trend even as the trends change. For example something that may be on trend and stylish now, may not be in five years time.

This isn’t to say you cant key in certain trends as they appear, you can add complimentary accessories to your kitchen, adding pops of colour by using appliances like colour coded kettles, toaster, mixer etc which are much easier to replace if there comes a time that you you no longer like the colour scheme.

Another way of adding something different to your kitchen would be the colour of your door and drawer handles, your tap and sink basin, A colour on trend at the moment is copper which subtly adds something different whilst not being to loud or bold in comparison to the rest of the kitchen.  

50 Small Kitchen Design Ideas - Videos

Take some ideas and inspiration from the videos we have selected below, should you be looking for ideas on kitchen design for small spaces then we are sure you will find some ideas here.

We have been kitchen fitters for over 20 years, our experience in kitchen design and planning has come a long way over our years of trading, let’s say we have seen it all and made it happen for our customers who have been good enough to leave us great customer reviews for us based on our expertise, we can help you get up and running with your small kitchen space, we use our knowledge and expertise along with your ideas put together to create your perfect kitchen space, customer satisfaction is our main priority, we push all the stops out to make it happen for you and your dream kitchen.

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