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Your One Stop Shop For Kitchen Worktops In North Wales:

At Conels we have a wide range of kitchen worktops in our showroom based in Rhyl, North Wales which are all on display for our customers to look through, most if not every kitchen worktop design we have available, we have a worktop to suit any kitchen, we have up to twenty different styles to choose from including traditional style worktops, granite worktops.

Granite worktops:

We are able to offer a wide range of granite worktops, we have samples of all styles within our showroom for our customers to browse through, a solid granite worktop is simply glorious yet bulletproof to have in any kitchen and will last for years to come,

If you are thinking of a complete new kitchen just looking to replace just your worktops then we can help you with either one, we also refurbish kitchen’s by just replacing the door front’s, draw front’s plinths, pelmets etc.

If you would like to see our selection of granite’s then see pictures or feel free to visit our showroom, we are open for six day’s a week, Saturday being half day where we open until 1pm.

Solid Wood Worktops:

The old butchers block will never go out of fashion with its so rustic traditional look, 

we stock various styles such as standard laminated or real wood butchers block where we would treat the surfaces with plenty of coats of a good quality osama oil for long lasting protection,

These worktops have a long lasting life compared to the laminated worktops but you must keep up with the maintenance from time to time to keep the worktop looking good.

we suggest applying 1 x coat of osama oil once every year or two depending on the wear and tear your worktop receives.

Laminated Worktops:

Laminated worktops look great and they do last the test of time, but in all fairness the real deal butchers block worktops will stand the test of time for much longer before need of replacements

We stock five different types of laminate worktops to suit all styles of different kitchen cabinets, The colour contrast between your cabinets and your flooring is one way we can help you decide which type of worktop is going to fit best for you, The range we stock in our showroom is shown below.

  • Prima.
  • Axiom.
  • Spectra.
  • Egger.
  • Tandem

Solid Stone Worktops:

Soild worktops are much more expensive than laminated but they will stand the test of time, we stock five different solid worktops within our showroom, other styles would be available to order in from our magazine inventory,

A good looking solid worktop will transform your kitchen into a space you will never want to leave, solid worktops in stock are shown below.

  • Granite.
  • Dekton.
  • Quartz.
  • CRL.
  • Silestone.

Ultra Slim Worktops:

This type of design worktop is suited to the art deco style home, in other cases it’s just a case of personal taste in favour of these ultra slim type worktops,

We stock only two different types of this style with more on offer in our brochure, styles we stock are shown below.

  • Spectra Extra Slim.
  • Evolve.

A Range Of Kitchen Worktops To Choose From:

conels kitchen worktop image
CRL - Statuario Bianco
conels kitchen worktop image
CRL - Colarado
CRL - Quartz Reflection
Conels grey mist worktop image
CRL - Grey Mist
worktop image
CRL - Montana Gris
CRL - Gallant Grey
Dektop Opera
Dekton X Gloss
silestone wortop image
Silestone Grey Amazon

Here at conels kitchens and bedrooms, we are here to help you every step of the way in choosing the right worktop to suit your kitchen, Having installed so many kitchens over the years we have a vast knowledge in this field where we advise all our customers to help you get it right from the off.

Laminated and solid wood worktops will always be measured and installed on site, as where the solid stone type worktops would be set out as templates using correx material made to size to fit each part of your kitchen worktops including your splash backs,

The stone would then be cut out to size in our workshop, to then be installed on site as a made to measure installation which will be finished off with the correct coloured silicone to seal all water and wall joints adequately as necessary.

Should you require kitchen worktops for your new kitchen design, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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